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About Us

We created SoBakeable because we believe that when you celebrate life’s happy occasions together & with something sweet - those moments become even more special & richer in memory.

I have a cherished memory from childhood, of stepping into the kitchen to join my mother & grandmother. Do you remember having to stand on tiptoes, just to peer over the kitchen counter? I remember that feeling of pride when I was given the all-important task of whisking the batter or carefully cracking in an egg, as she guided me with her hands. I wanted to learn as much as I could from her & she shared it all with me, giving of her time & doing it out of love. The memory of this quality time together is something I hold onto, because it meant so much to us both & because it mattered. The sound of laughter filled that kitchen when the powdered sugar created a cloud of sweetness in the air & I felt so lucky when the cake went into the oven & I got to lick the bowl.

Even now, being in the kitchen, holding a whisk in one hand & a mixing bowl in the other brings back so many emotions. These days, I’m so happy when I can find the time to bake - I put an apron on, put down my phone & enjoy the experience. When my sweet creations come out of the oven, that freshly-baked smell will always take me back to the warmth of that kitchen.

Our baking kits were created out of these experiences & we’re excited for you to enjoy them! We hope with each kit baked, new memories are created that will last a lifetime.

Our baking boxes are so much more than the ingredients inside, you’ll find in every SoBakeable dessert - love from the friend who bought it, smiles of those who ate it & new memories created when celebrating with it.

So, when the surprise of a SoBakeable box arrives at your door - smile, preheat the oven & create memories that will stay with you forever.

SoBakeable is proudly based in San Francisco & ships across the United States