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Questions? We've got the answers!

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

Your SoBakeable box subscription will automatically renew on the last day of every second month.

What are the subscription box cut off dates?

Orders made on or before the 15th of the Month, will receive that month's box. Any orders made on or after the 16th of the month, will receive the next month's box.

How often will I receive a SoBakeable subscription box?

SoBakeable subscription boxes are shipped out to you every other month. 2 kits are included in each box. You will continue to receive boxes until your subscription is cancelled. If you purchased a non-renewing gift subscription, 1 box will be shipped containing 2 kits in the same cycle that you made the purchase.

When will my SoBakeable box arrive?

Each SoBakeable subscription box is shipped by around the 16th of each month & should arrive within 2-4 days of being shipped. All shipments include tracking & this information is emailed to you, once your box is shipped.

Do you combine multiple items into one shipment?

When you order multiple products from SoBakeable, we will combine them into the same box, where possible. We do this to save you on shipping costs & to reduce the number of boxes sent to you. If you would like your items shipped separately, email us at [email protected]

Do all SoBakeable boxes include a baking tool?

Not all SoBakeable kits include a baking tool. However, when a specific tool is required to bake a kit, such as a cookie cutter or piping tip, it will always be included!

Can I buy a SoBakeable box subscription as a gift?

Yes! A SoBakeable subscription makes a wonderful gift, for many occasions! When you get to the checkout page, you’ll be able to add a lovely message which will be included in the box. You will also see options to have the subscription auto-renew or treat it as a one-time purchase of the two month term. This means 1 box delivered to your recipient in a 2 month term. Just click the option that applies.

Can I cancel my SoBakeable subscription?

We'd hate to see you go! If you're busy or traveling or unable to bake a box, you can skip a renewal anytime. If you're sure you want to cancel your subscription, simply login to your SoBakeable account - click on ‘Your Subscriptions’, click ‘Edit’ & select the option to cancel. You can always re-activate your account later!

What’s inside my SoBakeable box?

Your SoBakeable subscription box includes 2 baking kits, each with a beautifully designed SoBakeable instruction guide, weighed & measured ingredients & everything you need to decorate your baked creations! You’ll also get exclusive access to our mobile app , where you can watch a video tutorial of the recipe & enjoy more in-depth instructions with photos too! Read more about what’s inside your box on our about page .

How long can I keep my SoBakeable box before baking it?

Your ingredients will be freshest when you receive your box. We recommend baking your box within the month you receive it. However, the ingredients will be okay for use up to 3 months after.

Where can I read about SoBakeable's terms & privacy?

Everything you need to know about SoBakeable is on the terms & privacy page on our website.

Who are the team behind SoBakeable?

They say the only way to do great work is to do what you love. The SoBakeable team is a firm believer in that! Our team is based in San Francisco, are passionate bakers & love dessert! You can find out more about our Founders & their story on our team page .

Is SoBakeable only for baking sweet desserts or do you also offer savory boxes?

At this stage, SoBakeable is focused on bringing more sweetness into your life. Our boxes are sweet dessert boxes - perfect for having friends round for some tea & cake!

What baking skill level is required in order to get the most out of SoBakeable?

We’re for the beginner to the advanced baker. We love spending quality time in the kitchen & hope you do too! Aside from the ingredients, we will provide an easy-to-follow instruction booklet & in-app video tutorials so you can follow along. If you love to bake or want to learn to bake - you’ll love SoBakeable.

Do I need to store anything from my SoBakeable box in the fridge?

No, you don’t. There won’t be any perishable items inside your box, we will send you an email before your box arrives to let you know if any pantry items such as milk, butter & eggs will be required.

Are there alternatives I can use instead of milk, butter and eggs?

Yes, because milk, butter & eggs are not included in your box, you can use alternatives if you wish. However, keep in mind that we have not tested each recipe with alternatives, so we cannot guarantee the outcome of your bakes.

What if I'm allergic?

Since many of our boxes contain ingredients that may have (but are not limited to) wheat, dairy or soy - please contact us at [email protected] to let us know if you're allergic to anything. We do not recommend our kits to those allergic to nuts.

What if I live in area with high altitude?

Since SoBakeable is based in San Francisco, we're unable to test our products at high altitudes. However, we make every effort to provide additional instructions to those in high altitude areas to help your baked desserts turn out succesfully!

Other questions?

If your question isn't here, feel free to contact us & we'll get back to you with an answer :)