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Around the 15th of each month we'll send you a box with everything you need bake something spectacular! Recipes, exact ingredients, tools & decorations are all included! All you'll need are milk, butter & eggs.

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Embrace your inner-baker & create something that's wow! We provide ingredients, tools & instructions - you make it spectacular with your creativity. We're a community that loves to bake, create & celebrate life's moments - join us! Buy just one, or sign up for a monthly subscription - the choice is yours! Share your love of baking with the gift of a SoBakeable box. Bake something that looks & tastes incredible, each month! Master new baking & decorating techniques with ease. No hassle, no fuss - each ingredient is measured & ready for you to use! Recipe cards make it easy for you to get baking & we also include decorations & tools, to ensure baking success! All you'll need are eggs, butter & milk, & some quality time in the kitchen. You'll also have exclusive access to the SoBakeable app, with videos, step-by-step instructions & more!

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