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Our Story

There’s the long story longer (we’ll let Jocelyn tell you that one another time) & then there’s the long story short. We’re distantly-related, Southern hemisphere sisters (Chloe from Australia, Jocelyn from South Africa) who moved to San Francisco following our engineer husbands & their ambitions. Connected by a second cousin, who suggested we brunch, we all got together on a cold & windy San Francisco Summer’s day - shivering under the shadow of the Bay Bridge.

While Lance & Dean chatted about [insert many an engineering-related, acronym-laden topic], we got to talking about what it was like adjusting to life in the Bay Area. We talked about the job search, making new friends & the fear of having to drive on the wrong side of the road. We found out that we’re both overly fond of a good cup of tea, a decaf latte with almond milk & over-use of the word ‘literally’ to describe literally everything.

Over the next few months, we spent time together exploring the city together & on days when it was too cold to do so (& there were many), we spent time indoors - baking. Together, we tackled Grandma Rita’s Cinnamon Sugar Boolkas, a cherished family recipe. For Chloe, this took her back to being in the kitchen with her grandma - the smells, the laughter & the cherished memories. We believe that dessert is best when it’s shared & even better when homemade. That’s why we created our baking boxes for you to celebrate life’s happy moments & sweeten someone’s day. It’s the gift of friendship, a pinch of sugar, some fancy sprinkles, a whole lotta love & SoBakeable.


Chloe & Jocelyn